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About Maria Stella

A London University graduate of psychology from Middlessex University, therapist Maria Stella is a E.U.-licensed psychologist whose private practice has catered primarily to the English-speaking & Greek-speaking expatriate community The Hague area.

Therapist, Maria Stella has extensive experience working with children, adults, and families, she completed her full-time internship at Children’s Hospital Athens and has over 15 years of practice. She studied psychology in Middlessex University of London (UK), Cordoba University (Spain) and University of Athens (Greece). Her multicultural background and years of exposure in different countries allows her to have a hands-on experience on the expat psychology.

A Greek native who spent all her adult life as an expat (United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Netherlands) moved permanently to the Netherlands. Maria Stella has a unique firsthand understanding of the cultural adaptation process and its many challenges.
With her generally cognitive-behavioral approach, Maria’s interactive and conversational style gives therapy sessions a warm and comfortable tone.

Over 15 years as psychologist handling complex situations, supervising diverse teams and managing challenging projects/assignments.
Advanced individual and team development skills, including training, re-training, mentoring and evaluating performance. Strong analytical skills, Maria uses a hands-on, supportive approach that leads to improved performance.
High level of adaptability and flexibility gained through working in highly charged environments, including stress and management change.